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“Her straightforward style lets the words speak for themselves,

quietly drawing the audience into whatever plotline she’s spinning.” 

Chris Rohmann, Author, Northampton,MA


“Rochelle Wildfong is a master storyteller.

 Her unique style has a contemporary authenticity while

still maintaining an organic continuity with the past."

Lillis O”Laire,  Department of Languages

University of Limerick, Ireland


“Your story Workshop still sings in my head.”

Faith Thayer, Entomologist

University of Massachusetts, Amherst


“Rochelle Wildfong goes straight to the heart of every story she tells and straight to the heart of her audience as well. I love her!” 

Jane Yolen, Author


"She was compelling, calm and engaging. I was able to tune into the construction of the tale because the message wasn’t clouded by theatrical devices. I would like to learn more about this kind of storytelling.”

Student, Smith College, Northampton, MA


“Treating the theater as though it were a living room, her voice reaches into your heart of hearts. She is truly a storyteller.”

Elizabeth Birge, Holyoke Transcript Telegram, Holyoke, MA


“Rochelle Wildfong is simply my favorite storyteller.” 

Peter Amidon, Singer, Dance Master and Storyteller, Brattleboro, VT

















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