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myths, legends, folktales,

contemporary fiction

original stories

& recites poetry.


For . .  .

Schools, libraries,

community gatherings,

festivals, house parties, camps and other occasions  where

the antidote for just about anything is a story.


This Storyteller's Story:


"Back in the early 80's we had a house party for which, my friend Rebecca Otis brought her mom, Carol Otis Hurst, librarian, educational consultant, author and STORYTELLER. Carol began telling her tales from children's literature in a matter of fact, sittin' down - no great theatrics style, yet - the effect was spellbinding. 

Her voice was a gentle lasso, reeling us into that  enchanted place, of story.


It was clear we were experiencing something familiar, viseral, and ancient;

as if we had time-travelled back to a hut in the wilderness and she was the chosen elder, telling us what we needed to hear.

I knew then, I wanted to learn about story telling.


Rebecca Hurst carries on her mother's children's literature website:



A Bit More:


Born in the Midwest, I am a transplant to the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts, successfully rooted to a small, rural home with my husband, 5 cats and 2 sheep.


In my 30 years as Children's Librarian for the school and town in Williamsburg  I've had the great pleasure of sharing stories with countless  children.

Now, I'm telling stories to children of those children!    


After all this time in the Eastern hills I'm still trying to make sense of New Englanders.


And dontcha know when a hankering comes over me for a prairie, or some 'Sconsin speak', I pack my grip for a westward trip, a fish fry for sure-hey, a bite of kringle, you betcha, and a long gaze at a crimson/gold lingering sunset."


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