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Story is the very nature of our humanity.


The Story Basket is an intriguing vessel containing secret, wrapped, objects:

little things, personal effects, ephemera, all for the purpose of inciting story.


In this object-oriented workshop, participants enter into the realm of creative storytelling. The act of choosing one mystery object from the Story Basket activates the senses. Mystery leads to imaginings - -inspires the subconscious before and after the objects are unwrapped.


The act of pondering, taps memory, provides fodder for the telling stories from life experience, or dreams, unlocking the doors to imagination.


Each of us has a personal reservoir of stories.

Using the story basket is like dipping a net

into water.What is retrieved isn’t always what was imagined.


The STORY BASKET objects trigger the imagination, where one story may lead to another. 







While retelling simple folk tales from childhood,

in tandem with group members,

participants find their own storytelling style.



Stories off the Library Shelf


Focusing on Children’s Literature with a wide assortment of age-appropriate books, from the simple preschool story, to works of literature, legend, folktale, and myth, each tale is told with the intent of sparking interest in literacy and language, for the encouragement of  exploring the library shelves.








a Perfomance + Writing Workshop


Poetry is Soul Food.


The oral tradition ushers the audience into the transformative energy of words infused with the poet's heart and voice.

Poems old and new, read and told, are segued to a hands-on writing workshop.


The STORY BASKET is also an option for a writing workshop!


A published poet, Rochelle Wildfong has been writing poetry since high school and leading writing workshops since 1989.



enjoy my photographs!  

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